Jul 011997

One of our primary responsibilities as Moms is to teach our children; but are there things we can learn from them, too? Evidently Jesus thought so: on one occasion he said to his disciples: ” I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” There certainly are things I observe in my [more]

Apr 011996

If one of our children becomes seriously ill, we do whatever we can to get our child the best medical treatment available. We are privileged, living in America, to have access to excellent medical care. But I realized last week that the more sick a child is, the more they need a treatment that every parent can provide and that costs no money at all: [more]

Feb 011996

“We are not under law, but under grace”. Someone said that to me recently (see Romans 6) and it’s been a great help to me. I say it to myself every time I find myself not living up to my own expectations. I may have great plans for today, but somehow I just don’t get my act together and I can’t get through my list [more]

Jan 011996

So, does changing diapers have anything to do with God? How does the spiritual part of our lives mesh with our day to day responsibilities? I hope it does, otherwise I have no hope of being spiritual until my children get older! As I thought about this, I took a list of the attributes of a spiritual person (found in the Bible, in Galatians chapter [more]