Mar 222011
Another reduction in medication

I saw my Crohn’s doctor yesterday and she said I could reduce my methotrexate dose from 25mg a week to 15mg a week! At my January visit she’d said that might be possible at this one if I was doing well. I had blood tests a couple of weeks ago and my CRP was “under 5” which is the lowest it has been in any [more]

Oct 102010
Crohn's update, October 2010

My Crohn’s symptoms have been somewhat better since about March, which I’m very pleased about. I’ve been on Methotrexate 25mg and Humira 40mg weekly injections for about a year now. I started exercising regularly again around February. That has definitely made me feel better in various ways and perhaps has helped specifically with the Crohn’s as well. I was hoping my annual colonoscopy in July [more]

Jul 292010
Conflicting Realities

This is a copy of my latest post on the Communitas Collective blog. For the last few months my Crohn’s Disease has been a little better. That’s a reality I’m very happy about. A couple of weeks ago my Crohn’s Doctor did an internal exam. She only had time to make brief comments right afterwards, which were that the worst affected places didn’t look significantly [more]