Oct 272015

My husband has been working in Singapore about half the time since early 2013. I usually go with him on his 2-4 week visits there. We have a rented apartment so it’s easy for us to spend time there. We live in River Valley, a couple of blocks from the river which is lined with all kinds of restaurants where we often have dinner.

Although it’s more hot and humid than I’d like, I’m enjoying Singapore – it’s great fun to explore a new place and be in a different culture. It’s easy to be in Singapore because almost everyone speaks English (actually Singlish). Some of it is very modern and Westernized but my favorite parts are the more traditional Asian parts. Like the Chinese “wet markets”, daily covered markets selling meat, fish, fresh food and vegetables and various other goods. The fish section floors are frequently washed hence the name. Often their produce is better and cheaper than in the supermarkets.

Here are some of the photos I’ve taken in Singapore

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