Mar 242010

This is a copy of my latest post on the Communitas Collective blog

My first article on CC was about hope. Seeking hope doesn’t really ‘work’ for me. Looking for certainty to hope in only reminds me how uncertain life is.

Letting go of worry does work. Living in the moment helps me do that. I notice the small things which bring happiness. A beautiful day. The vibrant green of new spring growth just beginning to appear. A day with little physical pain. My children or my husband happy with their day. (My childrens’ amazing performances)

All my worries can be dealt with. If they’re about things I can’t control I may as well not worry because I can’t change the outcome anyway. If I can affect the outcome I can act (or make an action plan), then I don’t need to worry anymore.

Looking for future hope takes my mind elsewhere just as worry does. Being here is better. I want to be present so I don’t miss anything small yet significant. Then I will be satisfied, knowing I’m making the most of life.

I will get distracted – but as soon as I realize I can try again. As long as life lasts, there’s hope…ah, it seems that I do believe in hope after all!

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